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I can only hope beyond hope that there will be some severe accountability for these verminiferous party crashers getting f2f with the President.  Hopefully the entire crew at the gate that let them in will get sacked, followed by Mark J. Sullivan, the head of the Secret Service, submitting his own resignation.  This may seem to be a funny incident, but in the light of Ft. Hood, and of the execution of the four police officers in Tacoma, it’s not at all funny.

And what lowlifes these crashers are!  Read their life histories — they are complete and utter frauds, liars, duckspitters, and societal leeches whose lives revolve around pretending to be everything they’re not.  I guess if you have no self-respect, nothing is too outrageous for you.  And people like this were able to talk their way in, regardless of no invitation.

Which gets us back to the concept of removing the incompetents who let them in.  Please, folks, there needs to be some accountability going down here.  They could have had sarin.  If the President and the Veep aren’t enough exposure, how about a foreign head of state?  Sheesh.


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