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I am split between a positive outlook about how the Internet has improved our lives and extended our experiences, and a generalized uneasiness over continuing breaches of privacy and loss of personal data by merchants and others. Here’s a great article that talks about how much companies DON’T have to report when they have a breach, this is really recommended reading:  http://news.yahoo.com/cybercrime-disclosures-rare-despite-sec-rule-073104140.html.

I’m not sure which is worse — that there are crooks going after our credit card numbers, companies that have grossly-incompetent security capabilities such as LinkedIn, or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter leak our private data around by sharing it, however indirectly, with advertisers.  It’s an ever-changing world and I guess you just have to go in with your eyes open.

Probably the most irritating thing is that there seems to be no downside for Internet security failures by companies.  LinkedIn’s approach to protecting their users passwords was juvenile or worse, they lost millions of them, and for some reason they’re still in business.  Ditto Zappos and others.  And the SEC has been so gutted by budget cuts that they can’t even enforce the laws on the books.  So, in this context, I’m sure most companies see data security as kind of an optional thing, to be evaluated on the basis of PR possibilities and mainly cost.  Bah, sometimes it’s enough to make you a communist.


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